Five Bites on Friday

Today's Five Bites come from Metrocurean reader Stefanie Gans (at right), a development associate at the Business and Professional Women's Foundation.

1. Chicken fajitas at La Lomita Restaurant at 13th and Pennsylvania SE

2. Le Steak Maison, medium rare with fries and the perfect gravy-boat portion of Bearnaise sauce, at Bistro Du Coin

3. Dunkin Donuts coffee ("We need more in DC!" she says.)

4. Fettuccine Alfredo (add in broccoli) at Dupont Italian Kitchen

5. Marty baby burger (sub steak fries instead of the garden salad) at Marty's American Bar & Grill

Five Bites is a weekly opportunity for you to tell Metrocurean readers which dishes you're enjoying around town. E-mail five of your favorite dishes or drinks and whether you'd like your name and a picture included to


80 Proof said…
mmm...Marty's burger...
Anonymous said…
Oh, like I am going to trust someone who likes Bistro du Coin. Time for me to start reading another blog!
Amanda said…
Bistro du Coin is a polarizing place - some people love it, some hate it.

I tend to fall in the former category. It's fun, raucous, and the mussels and frites are great. But it's not for everyone.
Anonymous said…
Sure, a porterhouse at a place like BLT Steak is pure genius, but I interpreted *5 bites* as a chance to showcase over-looked and under-rated places to eat in the District.
Anonymous said…
I for one, will rise to the defense of this cow-kissing girl. If the chef at Bistro du Coin knows anything, he knows how to turn a dead cow into a world class delight

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