Michelle Obama Celebrates Birthday At Equinox

Ok, so clearly the Obamas are not homebodies. And at some point, the Obama spottings may get old.

But not yet!

Last night, Barack and Michelle Obama celebrated the soon-to-be first lady's birthday at Todd Gray's Equinox. Everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday, and Michelle received a special dessert from the chef.


Anonymous said…
I wonder if they'll come back when Bono goes to eat there next week.
Anonymous said…
I'm excited to hear the Obamas plan to eat in DC restaurants regularly. I don't recall ever hearing about Bush dining out in DC and once I heard about Cheney visiting Citronelle (circa 2002) only because I walked past the restauant and asked someone about the security commotion.
Anonymous said…
They didn't go too far because Equinox is INSIDE the Hay-Adams hotel where they were staying.
Anonymous said…
No it's not. It'd on Connecticut.
Amanda said…
Right, Equinox is at 818 Connecticut, independent of any hotels.
Anonymous said…
At least they picked the close by Equinox since the food is decent, as opposed to the neighboring Oval Room, where the food and service are not-so-good.

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