The Return Of Galileo (Almost) Imminent

The City Paper's Tim Carman says Italian chef Roberto Donna is about a week away from signing a deal to take over the old Butterfield 9 space and reviving Galileo. Washingtonian also reports that Donna is promising construction on the space will start soon.

Meanwhile in restaurant musical chairs, chef Morou Ouattara is moving ahead with plans to open Kora in the space recently vacated by Donna's Bebo in Crystal City. And good news for fans of Farrah Olivia, Ouattara's current restaurant which was slated to close tomorrow: The restaurant will stick around for now while the landlord decides what's best for the space.


KimFromTheK said…
Will Chef Donna be bringing back The Grill at Galileo, for those of us who work downtown?
Amanda said…
That seems to be the question du jour. I'll try to find out. Oh how I loved the pork sandwich with green sauce.

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