Macaron Rising

Macarons from Adour, now available for purchase.

Whoopie pies have been stealing the spotlight from cupcakes, but me thinks macarons* may be having a sweet moment in the sun, as well.

It seems the little French confections are partout.

Starbucks will carry them this month. Jason Wu (he of Michelle Obama's inauguration gown) learns to bake them with famed pastry chef Francois Payard in the December issue of Food & Wine. Gossip Girl loves them. And just Googling "macarons Gossip Girl" after writing the previous sentence turned up this very thorough examination of macarons vs. whoopie pies in the trend war to become the next cupcake. (And here I thought I was onto something original...)

Restaurant Eve's birthday cake flavored macarons.

At Restaurant Eve, pastry chef Ed Jiloca features them on the mignardise plate in a host of creative flavors including PB&J (a brioche macaron with black currant preserves and peanut butter buttercream), chocolate with foie gras buttercream, s'mores, pecan pie, key lime pie and birthday cake.

And you can now purchase Adour pastry chef Fabrice Bendano's macarons, packaged in a gold box. A dozen cost $20. For every 50 purchased (holiday party, anyone?), you'll receive 10 free. Bendano's seasonal flavors include chestnut, coffee/walnut and gianduja (chocolate hazelnut).

To order, call Adour at 202.509.8000 — 24 hours in advance for small orders, 48 hours for orders of 50 or more.

ACKC carries macarons from Michel Patisserie — owner and pastry chef Michel Giaon previously worked at macaron legend Ladurée.

So, any votes for macarons to take cupcake's trendy crown?

* I'm going with the French spelling for fear I may be accused of confusing them with coconut macaroons, though many US menus do use "macaroon".


The Dapper Diner said…
I know Cafe du Parc has been serving and selling them for at least the past 2 years; I always took some home when I'd stop by for dinner to eat later or to give as gifts.
Missy said…
I noticed the macaroons at ACKC in Del Ray this weekend and thought myself that they really are everywhere lately! I think my fiance is going to try his own hand at them this season.
Amanda said…
I'd like to try making them too. Doesn't actually sound too difficult.
Christen said…
I love the macarons from Michel Patisserie I like them delivered from him then at ACKC they are more fresh. I had a great one in Vegas this weekend too. I hope they don't become overly trendy they are one of my favorite treats
Unknown said…
You can take a class at Adour actually to learn how to make them.
Beth said…
My vote goes for the ones at Praline in Bethesda.
Unknown said…
I haven't tried Praline's yet... going to Jaleo in Bethesda on Monday so I'll stop Praline and see what the buzz is about.
Unknown said…
Leopold's in Georgetown sells them too. And I was going to make them for my Christmas cookie this year...darn! I thought I was being so original.
Oh yeah, I bought some choco/vanilla ones in Trader Joe's. They're ok, but nothing special.
InfamousOreob said…
So, how would you describe macarons? Are they more cake like or more like a meringue cookie??
Amanda said…
I would say like a soft meringue. Slightly crunchy on the outside, softer on the inside, with a filling.
Erin White said…
Patisserie Poupon in georgetown and baltimore also has them in pistachio, raspberry, almond and chocolate and they are so very perfect!
Cafe Pasadena said…
Never been much of a cupcake fan. They're just Ok by me.

But, have gotten into French Macaron's. Wunderful!

So, yes, they can replace cupcakes anytime for me.
stephane said…
Know a french women in Kentucky who cooks the best macaron ever.
I love her !
Bonne St Valentin Sandrine.

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