Top Chef Starts Filming Today

metrocurean graphic/Bravo photo

As Metrocurean told you a few weeks ago, Bravo's "Top Chef" has set its sights on our beautiful city for Season 7. And they have reportedly arrived.

Assuming it's his real Twitter account, judge Tom Colicchio tweeted that filming starts today. Of course he didn't mention where since the location is still technically under wraps. And we're all just technically rumor-mongering.

Speaking of rumor-mongering, the grapevine keeps pointing to the Hilton as a setting for some action, while a few Metrocurean commenters say the chefs will be staying somewhere around 20th and R Streets.

Want to keep up with the gossip? Someone has registered a "totally UN-OFFICIAL" Twitter account for TopChefDCNews, promising to keep you in the loop.

Let the games, rampant speculation and fan stalking begin!


Anonymous said…
Taping is taking place now at the Newseum.
InfamousOreob said…
ARGH!! Any word yet on Restaurant Wars invitations, or how to get into one of their infamous cocktail parties?!?! I'M DYIN' LOL!!!
peter said…
I was sitting on the Acela with Tom last night and he was on twitter all ride long.
Khristina said…
I wonder if it's Restaurant Wars that is going on at the Hilton...
Anonymous said…
The production crew and staff are staying at the Hilton.
Unknown said…
I saw some camera crews moving stuff into this house around the corner from me and the Hilton:

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