The Appletini Is Dead

In one of the more irreverent moments at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this weekend, top mixologists from all over the country gathered on Canal Street Saturday night to bury the bad cocktail. The appletini was pegged to carry the symbolic burden.

A traditional New Orleans jazz funeral — complete with theatrical sobs and yells, a minister (his sash, above, reads "appletini"), a casket and a brass band — paraded down the road to bid farewell to bad cocktails the world over.

But in death, there's rebirth, as the Museum of the American Cocktail officially reopens today.

What other cocktails deserve a burial?


Anonymous said…
Lame. People should drink what they like.
Anonymous said…
smack the cosmo back down from its zombie-like resurrection while you're at it.
Anonymous said…
sounds like a ton of fun! wish I was there ~ Nyc
Anonymous said…
I would say RIP, but that tooth-ache inducing concotion deserves a special place in Hell along side:
The Long Island Iced Tea
Anything Sours not made with homemade sour mix
Stripper Shots
Malibu and Anything
Vodka Redbull

... I think that is a good start.
Andrew W said…
if I'm at a bar and a friend leaves for a minute and says "order me a ____" I always get an appletini for them. It's a pretty good joke.
Anonymous said…
Let's not be hasty. A vodka martini has the benefit of not making you stink like a bourbon bum, even after a few steep shots. Appletinis, when not made with that disgusting green concoction, but with a light drop of apple from pure concentrate makes quietly sipping a litlle bit of smirnoff's less "firebreathing". I mourn its loss, and will continue to drink unabashedly my cocktail of choice.
Anonymous said…
AND PLEASE TAKE AWAY THE MOJITO!!! Sorry for the caps, but the drink is labor intensive and the flavor ingredients are merely to mask bad booze (see:caipirinha) and not to create flavor. See my blog at
Anonymous said…
Personally I think they should have whacked the whole tini family, Nicholas II style. If your last name is tini and your first name isn't mar, you're all dead. Pometini, Strawberritini, Kiwitini, should have all been buried in one mass bad cocktail grave.

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