Chef Five Bites: Jonathan Krinn & Jon Mathieson

This week's Chef Five Bites are from Jonathan Krinn (left) and Jon Mathieson, the co-chef/co-owner duo behind the three-month-old Inox in Tysons Corner. Their butter poached lobster with braised short rib ravioli would be on my Five Bites list right now.

1. Egg white sandwich on an everything bagel from Tysons Bagel Market (Mathieson)

2. Braised ox tongue with breakfast radish at Restaurant Eve's bistro (Mathieson)

3. Pancakes at the Tastee Diner in Bethesda (Krinn)

4. Chestnut soup at Palena (Krinn)

5. Parsnip crepe at CityZen (Mathieson)

Previous Chef Five Bites: Cathal Armstrong, Dani Arana, David Guas, Josh Short, Michel Richard, Haidar Karoum, Ryan Morgan, Shannon Overmiller, Anthony Chittum


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